Colorful Liquids Blend Together Into Captivating Abstract Forms

New York-based artist Kim Keever creates intriguing abstract photographs through an experimental exploration of form and color. To create each piece, the artist drops colorful paint pigments into a huge aquarium tank and then simply documents the interaction of liquids. The unpredictable process leads to beautifully abstract creations that look like billowing fabric, underwater creatures, and splatters of paint across a canvas. With a touch of imagination, viewers may begin to create narratives based on what they see.

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Artist & Illustrator:

Bruce Mackay

"Taken Route #2 ”

Pen & Ink 

200 gsm Daler Downey

297 mm x 297 mm 

"Alternate Routes #1"

Pen & Ink

200 gsm Daler Rowney

297 mm x 297 mm 

"Alternate Routes"

Pen & Ink

310 gsm Arches Platine 

765 mm x 570 mm

"Taken Route"

Pen & Ink

200 gsm Daler Rowney 

205 mm x 205 mm 



Eddie Colla, Caratoes, 2wenty and Nite Owl x Salton Sea.

Artists Eddie Colla. Caratoes, 2wenty and Nite Owl recently made a visit to California’s Salton Sea - a famous abandoned, dried up lake that sits in between the Imperial and Coachella valleys.  Eddie Colla did his signature wheat pastes, Caratoes and Nite Owl painted and 2wenty created some light paintings.  See a ton more photographs of the adventure below!

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Wenhui Li

Part of the  "Mixed Media Rings"

"The way I create jewellery for this project is just like a child playing with toys. The process is full of wonder, 

discovery, combining and unexpectation. I don’t make pieces based on design; I make them based on 
passion and curiosity. I try to invent processes I cannot control (such as making salts grow on rings), 
I try to make things happen, I’m spontaneous and attentive, and I follow my instinct most of the time. 
This process of not knowing and not wanting, just playing, remaining free, being without intention, casual…
and suddenly getting excited…and then recognising the point when one has to take control again, is a 
balancing act. I like accidents to occur during the creation process; sometimes they lead to a happy end result,
 and sometimes not. However, regardless of what happens, the results always bring inspiration for my 
creations. I enjoy such uncontrollability, as it is the key element that makes my pieces individual and unique. 
During the process of creating them, I focus particularly on the texture, colour and details. I want people to also 
wonder about the materials, feel the texture, pay attention to detail, and most importantly, feel my passion.”


Chad Wys Art

Artist on Tumblr | Facebook | on Behance | Society6

Chad Wys is a conceptual artist and designer from Illinois.

His paintings are experiments in composition, color, and form. He uses a wide variety of media and often inharmonious color schemes.

His subjects are depicted in unusual colors, but their original context is typically preserved. ‘By retooling the object I intend to add new layers to the the original,’ he says.